The current document is a translation of the legal notice appearing on the present website, in Spanish (respectively the “Aviso Legal” and the “Website”), which may be modified from time to time. Any dispute over the interpretation of the rights and obligations described in this English language document shall be resolved with reference to the Aviso Legal, and the terms adopted in this document are intended to have no validity for the purposes of interpreting the Aviso Legal. For ease of reference, certain terms within this translation are followed by the Spanish term translated; again, the presence or absence of such accompanying translation shall not be deemed to have any legal effect in respect of the meaning of the English term used, and in all cases the Spanish term or terms have priority.

1. Object and Acceptance

The present Legal Notice regulates the use of the Website, made available by Axel Alonso Valle (email, with administrative services provided by ASESORÍA A. MELIC, S.L.P., CIF B-99131476, (a “compañía mercantil”, tel: +34 976324415; email:
Persons accessing the Website are deemed to be “Users” (“usuarios”) of the site, and shall be deemed to have accepted in full and without reservations each and every condition of the Aviso Legal, which may be amended from time to time.
The User is obliged to use the Website in conformity with the Aviso Legal, good faith (“la buena fe”), public order (“orden público”), trade usages (“usos del tráfico”) and all other legal requirements. The User will be liable to Axel Alonso Valle and/or third parties for all and any damage or prejudice resulting from a failure to comply with this obligation.

2. Conditions of Access and Use

The Website and its services are freely accessible without charge. Notwithstanding this, the use of certain services offered via the Website shall only be permitted by Axel Alonso Valle upon completion in advance of the corresponding form. The User guarantees the authenticity and up-to-date character of all details provided to Axel Alonso Valle, and the User will be the sole party liable for the consequences of any misleading or incorrect statements provided in these details.
The User expressly undertakes to use the contents of the Website and the services provided by Axel Alonso Valle for appropriate purposes. Purposes which are not appropriate include, but are not limited to:
(a) To diffuse criminal, violent, pornographic, racist (“racista”), xenophobic (“xenófobo”) or offensive content, content in justification (“apología”) of terrorism, or content otherwise in contravention of laws or public order;
(b) To upload viruses onto the internet, or to perform activities which may alter, destroy, interrupt or create errors in or damage to electronic documents, data or physical or computer systems belonging to Axel Alonso Valle or third parties. This may include impeding the access of other Users of the Website and its services via the mass use of the computer resources through which Axel Alonso Valle offers his services.
(c) To attempt to access email accounts belonging to other Users, or restricted areas of the computer systems belonging to Axel Alonso Valle or third parties, and in either case to extract information.
(d) To damage the intellectual or industrial property rights or to breach rights of confidentiality over information belonging to Axel Alonso Valle or third parties;
(e) To assume the identity of another User, public administration or a third party;
(f) To reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or otherwise communicate publicly, transform or modify any content, save with the permission of the relevant rights-holder (“titular”) or as otherwise permitted to do so by law;
(g) To gather data for purposes of advertising, or to send any type of advertisement, marketing or other commercial communication, save with the prior request or consent of the addressee;
All contents of this Website, such as text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, software, technology, as well as graphic design and source code, are the property of their respective authors. Users shall have no right to exploit any of these contents, save as strictly necessary in order to use the Website in accordance with the Aviso Legal.
Users accessing the Website may view its contents and are authorised to make, where appropriate, private copies, as long as these are not subsequently provided to third parties, or uploaded to servers connected to websites or the internet, or otherwise exploited in any way.
Likewise, all brands, trademarks (“marcas”), business names or other emblems (“signos distintivos”) of any kind which appear on the Website are the property of their respective authors, and the use or access of these by the User shall not imply any grant of rights.
Any distribution, modification, public communication or other dissemination of the contents of the Website, or any other act in relation to content that is not expressly authorised expressly by its respective authors shall be prohibited.
The creation or existence in any other website of hyperlinks to does not imply the existence of a legal relationship between Axel Alonso Valle and the owner (“propietario”) of that website, or the acceptance or approval by Axel Alonso Valle of its contents or services. Persons wishing to create a hyperlink to the Website or any of its pages should seek prior authorisation in writing from Axel Alonso Valle. In all cases, the hyperlink will only allow access to the home page or start page of the Website; in accordance with the Aviso Legal, persons generating or posting a hyperlink must not create statements or representations concerning Axel Alonso Valle which are false or misleading (“falsas, inexactas o incorrectas”) nor include content which is illegal or contrary to public order or morals.
Axel Alonso Valle shall not be responsible for the use made by any User of the materials made available on the Website, or for any actions taken in reliance on those materials.

3. Exclusion of Warranties (“Garantías”) and Responsibility

The contents of the Website are of a general character and have a purely informative purpose. No warranty is provided as to the ability of Users to access all of the Website’s content, or as to the completeness, accuracy, current validity or applicability or up-to-date nature of those contents, or as to the suitability or usefulness of the contents for any specific purpose.
Axel Alonso Valle hereby excludes to the extent permitted by law all liability for damage or prejudice of any kind arising from:
(a) Inability to access the Website, the presence on the Website of inaccurate, out-of-date or non-exhaustive content, as well as any defects or errors of any kind in content which is transmitted, diffused, stored, hosted or made available to persons via the Website or the services which are offered on it.
(b) The presence of viruses or other content which may produce alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or data of Users.
(c) Any breach of laws, good faith, public order, trade usages and the Aviso Legal that results from the incorrect use of the Website. In particular, and by way of example only, Axel Alonso Valle shall not be responsible for the acts of third parties who infringe intellectual or industrial property rights, commercially confidential information, or rights to personal or family privacy, image rights, as well as regulations relating to unfair competition and illegal advertising.
Likewise, Axel Alonso Valle denies any responsibility with respect to the information found outside this Website which is not managed by him directly as web hoster (“web-master”). The function of hyperlinks appearing within the Website is exclusively to inform the User of the existence of other sources which may supplement the content of the Website. Axel Alonso Valle does not warrant or assume responsibility for the functioning or accessibility of the hyperlinked sites. He also does not suggest, invite or recommend to Users that they visit any such site, and he shall not be responsible for the consequences of visiting those sites. Axel Alonso Valle shall have no liability for hyperlinks created or posted by third parties.

4. Privacy Policy

Where we require information from a User, we will in every case make an express request that this information is provided voluntarily. Data which we receive via the forms provided on the Website or other routes shall be stored on an automatic filing system for personal data, for which Axel Alonso Valle is responsible. Axel Alonso Valle shall treat these data as confidential, and shall only use them in conjunction with providing the services that have been sought by the relevant person, subject to all legal guarantees imposed by Law 15 of 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal”), and Law 34 of 2002 on E-commerce and Computer services (“Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico”).
Axel Alonso Valle undertakes not to provide, sell or share the above personal data with third parties without the express consent of the relevant person. Likewise, Axel Alonso Valle will delete or amend those data where these are incorrect, incomplete or have ceased to be needed or relevant to their purpose, all in accordance with Law 15 of 1999.
The User can revoke his consent and exercise rights of access, rectification, deletion and objection by communicating with the business address (“dirección social del Consejo”), identifying himself as necessary and indicating clearly the specific right which is being exercised.
Axel Alonso Valle has adopted the relevant security levels required by Law 15 of 1999 and other applicable regulations. However, Axel Alonso Valle does not assume any responsibility for damage or prejudice arising from alterations to computer systems, electronic documents or files that may be caused by third parties.
Axel Alonso Valle may use cookies in the course of offering services via the Website. Cookies are physical files of personal data which are stored in the User’s computer. The User will be able to configure his or her browser so as to prevent the creation of cookie archives, or so as to receive a warning as to the presence of cookies.
If the User chooses to leave the Website via links which are not owned by the present entity, Axel Alonso Valle shall not be responsible for the privacy policies of those websites, nor in respect of any cookies which those websites may store on the User’s website.
Our e-mail policy is to send messages only when asked to do so by the User. If the User prefers not to receive these messages via email, we shall offer the User via email the option of exercising his rights to delete and refuse receipt of these messages, in accordance with the provisions of Título III of article 22 of Law 34 of 2002.

5. Proceedings in the event of Illegal Activity

In the event that a User or a third party considers that facts or circumstances exist which indicate an illegal use of content, or an illegal activity taking place within the web pages of the Website or accessible via the Website, the User is required to notify Axel Alonso Valle, identifying himself properly, and specifying the alleged infringements and expressly warranting that the information provided in that notice is correct.
Any dispute or legal proceeding arising in relation to the website of Axel Alonso Valle, shall be governed by Spanish law, and the Courts of Madrid, Spain (“los Juzgados y Tribunales de Madrid”), shall have jurisdiction.

6. Publications

Administrative documents or information made available via the Website do not constitute the legal publication of laws, regulations, plans, general regulations (“disposiciones generales”) or acts. These must be formally published in the official journals of public administrations, which are the sole source of authentic and accurate copies. The information available on the Website is to be understood solely as guidance, and has no legal validity.

7. Notices

All notices and communications between the Users and Axel Alonso Valle shall be considered effective for all purposes when made by post, e-mail or telephone. Users must address communications to Axel Alonso Valle or ASESORÍA A. MELIC as his tax and administrative consultants, via:
– (postal service) Avenida Francisca Millán Serrano (Antigua Avenida Radio Juventud), no 37; 50012, Zaragoza;
– (telephone) 976-324415;
– (fax) 976-535697;
– (email) or